Multi-Gravity Separators

SCMG1 Laboratory Multi-Gravity SeparatorInternal of SCMG1 showing Scraper BladesSCMG2 Multi-Gravity SeparatorSCMG3 Multi-Gravity Separator

Salter Cyclones' Multi-Gravity Separators (Enhanced Gravity Separators) recover and upgrade heavy minerals that are otherwise lost to tailings. These separators are peerless for sub 100 micron fine materials.

The technology is unique in that it enables recovery and selective concentration of ultra-fine minerals at multiple g-forces, unlike centrifuges, jigs or spirals. Its operating principle can be likened to powerful, compact shaking tables. However, in this instance, the normally horizontal separating surface of a shaking table is wrapped into a conical drum, which when rapidly rotated, develops an enhanced gravitational field which pushes down the lower size limit for economic separations of the finest mineral particles.

Salter Cyclones' Multi-Gravity Separators are available in three sizes:

  • SCMG1 - Laboratory/Pilot unit
  • SCMG2 - Designed to treat over 3-4 t/hr dependent on feed material
  • SCMG3 - Designed to treat a capacity typically 25% higher than the SCMG2

Salter Cyclones offer a full range of spares including those for the Mozley C902 MGS and Mozley C901 MGS (Multi-Gravity Separators).