Typical multi-stage circuit for recycling plastic wastePlastic waste - Underflow & simultaneous OverflowHydrocyclones for Blast Furnace SludgeBLAST FURNACE SLUDGE


Recycling has been a hot topic for many years and particularly plastic waste. Non-ferrous metals, wood and heavy rubber from mixed waste, found typically in recycling car parts and fridges can be separated with Salter Cyclones high performance 10 inch (250mm) Hydrocyclones. These offer a high capacity continuous process and because there are no moving parts, require very little maintenance. In order to withstand the abrasive nature of the feed optional ceramic bodies and spigot liners are available.


As part of a long term solution to treat the emissions dust from a steel manufacturing site, the client has set up a test programme for a dust treatment system and salt washing. Two, 2-way 5 inch packages have been supplied for
an initial phase and will be incorporated into the process, separating lead and zinc from the blast furnace sludge and solids from the dust catchers. Samples were tested in our laboratory which led to the decision that 5 inch Hydrocyclones were the most suitable for this application.