2 inch Hydrocyclone Mushroom AssemblySodium-Bicarbonate2 inch Hydrocyclone Assembly with extra long bodiesFertiliser


Hydrocyclones are widely used in the chemical industry. Applications include crystal recovery from mother liquor in the production of sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride etc, thickening of calcium tartrate prior to centrifuges and filters and removing solids from effluent.

The nature of the solids requires specialised materials and we are able to offer hydrocyclones in a range of corrosion resistant materials housed in appropriate pressure vessels.

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Hydrocyclones are used in a number of fertiliser manufacturing plants. Applications include classifying sand, desliming phosphates and effluent water treatment.

Typically feed comprises slurried fine rejects from a phosphate rock grinding and washing plant and the hydrocyclone system will consist of several stages. Hydrocyclone underflow provides the feed to froth flotation and the overflow is recycled to the washing plant thickener for reclamation of process water.


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