Automotive Manufacture

Just one particle from this bag is enough to cause a car’s entire paintjob to be rejected – costing the manufacturer MORE than the profit it was going to make on that carSchematic showing 40-way one inch Hydrocyclone vessel in a typical automobile pre-treatment plant

When cars reach the painting stage during manufacture, they progress through a sequence of up to twelve high volume deluge, degrease and rinse zone baths in the pre-treatment plant. Solids build up in these tanks and can cause the failure of the complete paint system. This requires individual vehicles to be stripped and repainted.

Installing powerful Hydrocyclones at strategic locations in the tank sequence removes all solids large enough to compromise the finish and transforms the economics of the paint shop operation.

Re-work is eliminated, the working life of expensive tank contents is significantly extended and the need for labour intensive, regular tank cleaning operations which interrupt production, is avoided.

Salter Cyclones provide ceramic Hydrocyclones for this duty for enhanced wear-life and solvent compatibility.