Salter Cyclones Hydrocyclones are suitable for both nuclear and coalfired power stations.

Radial of four 24-way 2 inch Hydrocyclone CanistersCeramic Hydrocyclones housed in high specification pressure vessels


During the decommissioning of nuclear power plants the process requires the recovery of nuclear waste solids and Hydrocyclones are in use dewatering the radioactive materials. Operator friendly, highly reliable, full packaged systems incorporating multi-stage cycloning are available.


In coal fired power stations, typical applications include the removal of gypsum solids in the flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) process and the treatment of waste water.

Salter Cyclones Multi-Gravity Separator, plus a range of Hydrocyclones from 1 to10 inch including both the high
performance 10 inch and stub cones, are suitable for the recovery and upgrading of fine coal ultrafines normally lost to the washery effluent.

Duties include the removal of ash, sulphur and other contaminants from minus 3mm anthracite fines, desliming and ash content reduction upstream of flotation and filtration. In addition, ultrafine coal can be recovered and upgraded from both the washery effluent and tailings lagoons. Multi-Gravity technology is particularly effective in removing mineral based sulphur content from fine coal.

Process Water

Hydrocyclones can remove silt from river or sea water prior to electrochloriation, to treat coolant water or to protect downstream equipment from blinding.

Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD)

Four inch Hydrocyclones are typically used in the recovery and thickening of gypsum solids in a Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) process. Gypsum slurry is pumped to the Hydrocyclones and removed to a thickened underflow product which is then dewatered. The Hydrocyclone overflow is further treated in two inch Hydrocyclones and the overflow is recycled as plant make-up water.