Germ ClonesBrewers spent grain being tested in a 2 inch Hydrocyclone downstream of a Germ Clonebrewers spent grain12mm Hydrocyclones

Salter Cyclones have a range of solutions for the food and beverage industry. These include 12mm Hydrocyclones "clamshell" type for starch refining and an S type for high capacity washing and thickening. The S type can be housed in canisters or concentric housings for maximum throughput on a small footprint giving an opportunity to
debottleneck plants that have reached their limit in operational capacity. All 12mm Hydrocyclones are manufactured from polypropylene for resistance to abrasion and attack by sulphur dioxide.

6 inch and 8 inch Germ Clones are manufactured entirely from cast stainless steel with a minimum thickness of ¼" (6mm). The unique spiral ramp inlet design increases capacity without loss of separation efficiency and with the thicker spigot section considerably improves wear life.

Typical applications include separating germ from maize fibre, gluten and starch, as well as solids removal from spent wash liquor and other coarse separations in food applications.