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Chromite, Hematite & Gypsum

An 8-way 10 inch Hydrocyclone radial system was supplied together with a 10-way 2 inch Hydrocyclone assembly for desliming and upgrading duties in a pilot plant where minerals to be treated included chromite, hematite and gypsum. The system included distributor, Hydrocyclones, isolation valves and product collection tanks. One of our engineers went to the Far East to commission the unit and provide training.

INDUSTRIES  MINI CASE Chromite Hematite Gypsum.jpg 
INDUSTRIES MINI CASE STUDIES Chromite Hematite and Gypsum radial.jpg



The SCMG3, our large scale Multi-Gravity Separator, was supplied to a client with high tailing volumes who wanted to improve recovery of fine grained chromite. It was important that the SCMG3 could provide the required recovery and upgrading with long-term durability and low life cycle costs. The equipment is being used as a pilot unit during the initial stage of the project.



A Salter Cyclones 5-way 3 inch Hydrocyclone canister assembly and two 76-way 1 inch "Mushroom" assemblies complete with stands and launders were supplied for treating kaolin, in Malaysia. The customer had been using Mozley 10, 5 and 2 inch assemblies but wanted a finer cutpoint. Our 3 inch Hydrocyclones will treat the overflow from the 10 inch Hydrocyclones and our 1 inch assemblies will treat the overflow from the 2 inch assemblies.

INDUSTRIES kaolin 5 way 3 inch and 76 way one inch.jpg

Two Salter Cyclones SMART Systems were supplied to the USA, giving the client flexible control for their very fine grinding circuits. The circuits, incorporating our 10 inch Hydrocyclones, keep the solid separation system at peak efficiency across a wide range of process conditions and product requirements. As the system makes the required adjustments to the process variations automatically, it does not place constant operational demands on plant personnel.



A pilot desliming circuit has been supplied as part of a multi-stage process treating tantalum. This included stand-alone units incorporating our 5, 4 and 2 inch Hydrocyclones. The 5 and 4 inch were neatly configured into 3 stages so that the flotation feed is as free as possible from slimes. Our unique design for the distributors overcame the common problem of feed being unevenly distributed where Hydrocyclones are in-line.

INDUSTRIES Tantalum.jpg


An SCMG2 is in operation upgrading 3-3.5 tph of gold concentrate in Turkey. The Multi-Gravity Separator takes its feed from a Knelson machine and acts as a "cleaner". The SCMG2 concentrates the gold further, prior to final processing.

An SCMG1 Multi-Gravity Separator with an SCTR1 Test Rig and 9-way 2 inch Hydrocyclone assembly have been supplied to Armenia. The SCMG1 will upgrade the gold and the Hydrocyclones deslime the feed.

In another gold industry application, two 35-way 2 inch Hydrocyclone assemblies form part of a two stage process in Africa to remove organic carbon from gold concentrate.



Multi-Gravity Separation
Hydroclone Mushroom Assemblies
Small Assemblies


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One inch and three inch Hydrocyclones have been supplied for the removal of solids carryover associated with sludge and resin retrieval systems. Salter Cyclones carried out initial test work on simulated feed and as a result it was established that between 98% and 100% of any of the solids treated could be removed in a two stage Hydrocyclone system.

The system consists of one and three inch ceramic Hydrocyclones housed in closed vessels. The first stage three inch Hydrocyclone's overflow is retreated in the second stage one inch Hydrocyclones. Engineering support was given throughout the project.

POWER 1 inch and 3 inch vessels under test.jpg

1 inch & 3 inch Vessels under test

Tunnelling & Drilling

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Salter Cyclones has worked closely with a well-known tunnelling company. Extensive test work has been completed with the Hydrocyclone geometry and operating conditions customised to this industry's needs. This resulted in the company incorporating SCL 5-inch Hydrocyclones into their separation plant. The Hydrocyclones have been proven time and time again to give the critical performance and wear life required in a very competitive and commercially important industry.



Salter Cyclones Hydrocyclones are incorporated in many desanding projects linked to slurry shield tunnelling, horizontal directional drilling and diaphragm walling. They typically treat drilling mud, with the overflow from the Hydrocyclones being recycled.


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Process Water

A UK client has upgraded their effluent treatment plant facilities and installed another Salter Cyclones' 18-way 2 inch assembly. This is removing grit from water used to clean fleeces so that it can be reused in the process system, saving source water and disposal costs. As the feed is coarse the two inch Hydrocyclones have been fitted with ceramic bodies and spigots to give a substantial increase in wear life.

River Water

A client in the power industry has had problems with filters blinding when they have had peak suspended solids for short periods. Two inch Hydrocyclones are being installed to protect the downstream plant. The Hydrocyclones are fitted into four, 24-way canisters mounted on a radial assembly which includes a distributor and overflow and underflow launders. Individual canisters can be brought online to match changes in the flowrate.


Cooling Water radial and Distributor.jpg


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Corn Wet Milling

Maize germ is rich in oil and therefore a valuable by-product. The germ is released intact from the kernel by a gentle milling operation and separated from the ground slurry with Hydrocyclones. Many of our Germ Clones have been supplied to a worldwide leading food ingredient supplier for this process.

The same customer has installed our "S" type and "C" type 12mm Hydrocyclones for use in their starch processing system. These Hydrocyclones reduce the gluten solids and solubles to very low levels in a counter current operation. This also minimises the amount of fresh water needed for the process. The refined starch milk contains
almost 100% pure starch which is then thickened with further 12mm Hydrocyclones.

Salter Cyclones has recently been asked for help in increasing capacity in one of their plants without incurring huge capital expense. This has led to research and development in our laboratory and supporting the client in maximising the throughput of their present equipment.



Germ Clones and 2 inch Hydrocyclones have been installed to treat a distillery's spent wash reject slurry in order to recover valuable components for return to the revenue stream.


Brewers spent grain being tested in a 2 inch Hydrocyclone downstream of a Germ Clone.


Germ Clones