Laboratory Mineral Separator

Laboratory Mineral Separator showing flat &“V” traysRutileChromiteBariteGoldQuartz & Feldspar- removed from bentoniteLaboratory Mineral Separator - Barite - Chromite - Rutile

The Laboratory Mineral Separator is part of a range of laboratory test equipment manufactured and supplied by Salter Cyclones. It allows users to establish, in minutes, the quantity, quality and degree of liberation of the valuable mineral contained in low grade, very fine samples. These are typically ore samples or tailings and middlings streams from mineral processing plants.

This separator is selective at very small specific gravity differences, producing a match for full heavy liquid analysis results, without the health hazards and requirement for skilled personnel associated with that technique. The Laboratory Mineral Separator extends the capability down to particle sizes too small for heavy liquid work.

The separator is fitted with a "V" tray with "end knock" and a flat tray. The "V" profile is used for higher S.G. ranges and larger particle sizes, whereas the flat tray is capable of making very efficient separations of samples finer than 100 microns.


Laboratory Mineral Separator