Two 14 way 10 inch Hydrocyclone Radials and one 5 way 10 inch RadialOne of two Radials of 5, 80 way 2 inch Hydrocyclone Mushtoom Assemblies5 inch & 4 inch Hydrocyclone “in-line” AssembliesRadial of 6, 21 way 1 inch Hydrocyclone Canisters10 inch Hydrocyclone SMART Systems5-way 3 inch Hydrocyclone  Canister & 76-way 1inch Mushroom AssembliesSCMG3 Multi-Gravity Separator

Salter Cyclones Hydrocyclones and Multi-Gravity Separators are used in many applications throughout the World. They are used in industrial minerals production across a wide range of ores. Hydrocyclone applications include separating sand and mica from raw kaolin slurry and production of high grade filler and coating clays for the paper industry. The Hydrocyclones can be packaged in radials, "mushroom" assemblies or canisters. They provide continuous efficient service desliming ahead of flotation, classifying, degritting or dewatering, across a wide spectrum of industrial minerals.

Multi-Gravity Separators (MGS) can recover commercially valuable products by re-treating tailings dumps as well as being incorporated in the fine gravity section treating the fresh feedstock.

The unique ability of the MGS is its high recovery rate to a high concentrate grade even when the valuable minerals are too fine for conventional separators.