close-up of underflow vessel76-way 1 inch Assembly18-way 2 inch Hydrocyclone canisterRadial of 5, 21 way 1 inch Hydrocyclone Canisters8-way 10 inch Hydrocyclone Radial6-way Radial5 inch & 4 inch Hydrocyclone “in-line” Assemblies11-way, 10 inch Hydrocyclone RadialPouring PolyurethaneCleaning off spigots

Salter Cyclones new Hydrocyclone designs, from 10mm to 10 inch (250mm), accommodate a wide range of flow rates and provide precise control of cut points and other performance criteria. These Hydrocyclones are available with different sizes of vortex finders and spigots and are manufactured from highly wear resistant polyurethane, suitable for operating temperatures up to 130°C or, where there is a specific performance need, such as in oil and gas industry spares, ceramic and steel materials. Our Hydrocyclones can also be retrofitted into existing installations including Mozley assemblies.

Typical applications are any wet processing where classification (separating particles of different size/nature) desanding, desliming (removal of fines) or clarification (removal of solids), thickening or dewatering is required.

The Hydrocyclones can be packaged in a range of highly compact, lightweight and cost effective assemblies. One of the many advantages of these to the operator is the ease of access for maintenance.


Small Assemblies